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Saturday Pilates Course - March 2024

Saturday Pilates Course - March 2024



9th, 16th, 23rd March 2024

Barkham Village Hall


    Are you looking to improve your posture, back care, mobility or flexibility?

    The goal of our Pilates course is not just to enhance your appearance but (and perhaps most importantly) to improve the way your body functions, helping make day to day tasks and activities that bit easier.

    We can improve your posture, balance, core control and Body confidence as you safely stretch lengthen, re-align and tone with our support.

    Our aim is to make the benefits of the Pilates method available to all:

    • improving your quality of movement
    • helping you move freely and pain free

    Our courses are suitable for all abilities regardless of your skill and/or experience.

    You will need a thick mat, and some water and can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  You can do Pilates with your trainers on if you wish, but we recommend trying the class either barefoot or with some ‘grippy’ Pilates/Yoga socks as it's great to get a good workout for the feet too!

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